Based in London, my work is informed by my experience as a professional engineer.

I work with combinations of contrasting materials. I love their tactility and I find the juxtapositions of hard with soft, smooth with rough, heavy with light make fascinating visual conversations.

I use geometry, number theories, and mathematical modelling as starting points, but make many intuitive choices as my ideas progress and I am always keen to exploit the creative possibilities of accident and chance, (the unintended opportunities created by error.)

I also work from life. The beauty shape and proportion of the human figure informs my abstract work and is also the basis for expressive forms.

My practice is concerned with making work myself, stretching the boundaries of what can be done with whichever material I am using and solving the problems thus created. I am obsessive about ordering and often use repetitive element, creating patterns with these elements.

About Peter Brownsell

Peter Brownsell was born in 1957 in Walton on Thames. His art education started in 2013 with a Foundation Course in Art and Design at East Surrey College (Reigate School of Art) and continues with a Fine Art Diploma at the Art Academy in London Bridge. Trained previously as a professional engineer.